Dubai, UAE

Imagine someone taking you to a destination where you could explore the whole world from one single magical place. 

That place, known as World Expo 2020, came into reality during October 2021 to March 2022 in Dubai. Being the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, Expo 2020 attracted more than 190 countries & cultures (more than ever in the history of the institution). 

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The major goal of the greatest global gathering in history

The major goal of Expo 2020 was to build a better world & shape our common future by connecting various brilliant minds and discovering the world’s most inventive ideas in a context of Sustainability, Mobility & Opportunity. 

By providing every participating country with its own pavilion, Expo offered to its special visitors the unparalleled opportunity to enjoy immersive cultural experiences and discover what makes each country unique. 

The Greek pavilion 

One of the most exciting & inspiring compartments of Greece’s participation during the Expo 2020 was the Efzin Expo.  (Efzin = Living well in Greek) was a special purpose, unique, fine dining restaurant that provided exquisite dining experiences to VIP visitors of this international exhibition. When I was asked to create that place, I instantly “saw” a unique privilege to transfer all my experiences, tastes & images from Greece to all over the world through special events & recipes.

People like Royal family members from UAE, country Presidents & Ministers from all over the planet, Economicopolitical & Media celebrities from CNN & other international & national channels had the opportunity to taste my Mediterranean inspired dishes with a modern twist. Providing them with a glimpse into the heart of Greek culture by metaphorically taking them directly to the amazing beaches of Greece and its picturesque mountains, is one of my most exciting moments to date.

Taste knows no borders

During the six months of Efzin’s life, my main goal was clearly to reinterpret Greek gastronomic culture & showing visitors the treasures of the Mediterranean diet. By importing hundreds of high quality, organic products from small farmers, my team & I were able to execute the most delicious traditional recipes with a super fresh look. Using the Mediterranean diet as a core & combining it with the memories of my childhood in Kalavrita (Greece), we had the chance to showcase the treasures produced, thanks to the biodiversity and unique growing conditions of the Greek fields. 

Modern versions of moussaka, dakos, and traditional stews were just some of our creations included in the menu of the Efzin restaurant, where olive oil, herbs and products of incomparable quality and nutritional value played the most important role.

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The Danish Chef Behind Slow’s Cultish Berlin Bakery Sofi



The Danish Chef Behind Slow’s Cultish Berlin Bakery Sofi

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