I will always remember that feeling. . . Seeing my grandmother mindfully picking the most mature and delicious fruits & vegetables from our organic farm is one of the first memories that almost defined the rest of my professional – and everyday – life. It was like “seeing” & “hearing” the old, Greek tradition throughout the fields of various organic sources. That was the first time that I realized & decided that when I grew up I would place the Greek culinary tradition on the World map.

I was born and grew up in Kalavryta, a small mountainous town in Peloponnesus, Greece. There, my family – like most of the population – was always surrounded by incredible little farms with such great produce most of the time!

This is where I learned to appreciate the great value of high quality, organic ingredients in cooking.

The notion of doing whatever it takes to find the best sources and raw ingredients in order to create the most delicious dishes goes back to those early wonderful years of my childhood. . .

Becoming a full stack Chef had become my dream. . .


After the completion of my studies in Cooking, a prety successful as well as exciting culinary journey began. Athens and Greek islands – like Santorini & Mykonos – played a significant role in the development of my skill set. I was happy knowing that my creations had the ability to make my guests feel a unique culinary experience. But I felt that something more was missing. . .


It was in 2015 that a proposal to work and promote Greek culture in Dubai arrived at my kitchen. . . That offer drove me to a full-time position within the One and Only Royal Mirage, where I had the privilege to lead three restaurants, among other things. Three years after my arrival, I decided to continue with the co-creation of restaurant Ena in Dubai. That was the move that enabled me to introduce more than 200 authentic Greek products from producers and farmers from small villages all around Greece in the cosmopolitan space of Dubai.

In 2019 I had the honor to become an official Ambassador of the Greek Gastronomy in UAE (Greek Taste Beyond Borders ). As an ambassador, I dedicate my time to consulting restaurants, organizing events like Abu Dhabi Formula 1, Taste of the World at Gulfood and private VIP events as well as conducting professional and consumer cooking classes.


Having a strong belief that traveling is the best way to become better and acquiring a unique & diverse skill set, I am grateful for having the ability to visit various Countries in Europe, Middle East & Asia. Being able to promote my passion for Greek Mediterranean gastronomy in countries like Italy, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka & India is what drives me to spread the Greek Mediterranean cuisine & tradition even further. . . My Inspiration One of the main forces that makes me devote my life to the promotion of Greek traditional cuisine to the whole world is that I couldn’t imagine the scenario of not sharing this exquisite experience with as many people as possible . . .

All the wonderful images, aromas, tastes and experiences that I had the privilege to live as a kid and teenager. . .

An artist at heart and Executive Chef by design

Cooking is an Art . . . the art of the sensory dining experience. The art that allows me to express my creativity & love for Greek cuisine through every plate I create. . .

I always believed that there is no better way to highlight the magic of greek ingredients & tastes other than presenting them in a super fresh, modern way in today’s – and tomorrow’s – gastronomy. That is what I deliver with every single dish I conceptualize and create: A genuine, traditional plate with a modern twist that gives you a glimpse into the heart & hospitality of Greece up to the tiniest detail.

Our Team

Cooking is teamwork. You cannot fully satisfy your guests without a fully functional, perfectly organized loyal team. Currently, I – with my precious team members – lead my own company offering our exclusive services to those who appreciate unique, fine dining experiences. . .

Chef Alexandros Sperxos

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